• A Cartagena Quarter Emerges

    by Nicholas Gill, New York Times In Cartagena, Colombia, the once dangerous Getsemani district comes into its own. As Cartagena's old walled city is filing up with emerald shops and chain stores aimed at cruise-ship passengers, the once seedy neighborhood of Getsemani now sports trendy drinking dens, salsa clubs, tapas bars and boutique hotels...All being carved out of the faded 18th century building in this district, which extends from the city walls to the San Felipe de Barajas Fort.
  • About Colombia

    Colombia, one of Latin America's oldest democracies, is an excellent example of a country reclaimed from conflict by dedication to the rule of law and criminal justice system reforms.
  • Business & Investments

    Investment Group Colombia currently has a variety of exciting business and investment opportunities and we are always on the lookout for lucrative new ideas. All business and investment opportunities within the group will be thoroughly vetted and will adhere to standard feasibility and die diligence practices common in the USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Campaign Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay

    The campaign led by Proexport and entitled Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay is focused on promoting our country as a tourist destination par excellence and a new vacation alternative for national and international publics.
  • Cartagena: Agrowing luxury travel destination

    With a growing number of haute cuisine restaurants and boutique hotels, Colombia's historic port city of Cartagena is making a name for itself as a top destination for luxury travel, a reputation the city is keen to maintain. The picturesque coastal city has for a long time been one of Colombia's most popular tourist destinations, receiving close to 1 million foreign visitors per year, who are drawn by its romantic atmosphere and buzzing cultural and social scene.