CARTAGENA FIRST AMERICAN REALTY bringing the quality of rental-management services that North Americans and most foreigners are accustomed to Cartagena Colombia.

We provide full service management with services including bill payment, overseeing service to efficiently put your real estate investment in top condition and maximize your overall yield.

Our office is well located in touristic area of Bocagrande. We have established working relationships with many of the top realtors in Cartagena so are able to provide maximum exposure of your property.

CARTAGENA FIRST AMERICAN REALTY provides full service property management with programs for executive short and long term rentals, vacation rentals as well as standard long-term rentals. By providing a full range of management choices we are able to maximize your returns and suit your style of investment. Location and type of apartment you invest in will affect which program best suits your needs.

CARTAGENA FIRST AMERICAN REALTY provides quality and dependable service for property owners! Let us show you how we can make your vacation property bring in additional income for you with our professional rental program.

Our management fees on full service short term rentals are 20% of the gross rent. There is a one-time initial set up fee of $300 for new apartments coming into our pool.

Our management fees for full service long-term rentals are 10% of the gross rent collected. In the long-term full service rentals the client pays for the electric. All other services of short-term rentals are provided. Gross rent collected will be less but the net will be approximately the same. This program maximizes occupancy of the apartments and your annual returns.

The third program we have is for long-term rentals. This is often the best choice for larger apartments consisting of 3 or more bedrooms, unfurnished apartments and apartments that are not located in the prime Cartagena historic district and Boca Grande tourist areas. The fees for this program are the first month's rent plus a 7% monthly management fee.

The following list highlights some of the services we offer:

  • Online marketing and booking
  • Experienced bilingual stuff and personnel
  • Utilities and admin fees payments.
  • Monthly owner statement with complete and organized accounting
  • Maintenance and cleaning services
  • Online advertisement on our websites
  • Cartagena hosting services

If you are interested in making returns on your investment, feel free to stop by our office or contact us or email us: